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Translation of this text into English, referring to the video tutorial simple Stirling engine range

"Click here" to access measures , list of materials and step by step photos , referring to this engine Stirling Gama.

I have dedicated myself to this Stirling engine model Gama with didactic objective, where I chose recyclables easy to purchase, encountered in everyday life.

Please find attached the links of 3 video tutorials:

1st - How do the displacer piston in steel wool to Stirling engine Gama

2nd - How to make a crankshaft radius bike for Stirling engine Gama

3rd - How to make a homemade wheel motor Stirling Gama

--> You can improve engine power, reducing from 2 to 4 mm total stroke of the displacer piston, so the engine can reach peaks of up to 1100 RPM, this presented another video:

--> As with all engines, the displacer piston is 35 mm long, 38 mm stroke total of, 16 grams total weight, fully steel wool, fluffy and almost transparent. It is important that you DO NOT have friction displacer piston  on the cylinder.

--> Since the power piston has a full stroke of 16 mm and its cylinder 63 mm in diameter.

--> The big advantage in relation to other engines that are composed of a displacer piston mass, become less critical with air leakage, which is permissible to a micro air leakage, possible dead area do not compromise the operation of the engine it is not necessary to install bushings, facilitating the construction of this model and also has a great torque at low revs.

--> I think the best option for beginners at ease in the procurement of all materials and has a power acceptable.

--> The glue of high temperature silicone is used to seal the head of automotive engines, can be adquerida in auto parts store.

--> Wire connectors light 6 mm, can be purchased at stores that specialize in selling residential electrical equipment.

Check the list of materials, from other models Stirling engines:

Check the list of materials of a Stirling engine "Gamma" made in beer cans!

Check the list of materials of a Stirling engine "Alpha" simple, made ​​with glass syringes!

   Manual do motor Stirling, Alfa, 1500 rpm caseiro
Confira a lista deste modelo>>>

Check the list of materials of a Stirling engine Alfa improved, made ​​with glass syringes!

Any questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact!
Leandro Wagner.

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