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Stirling engine Alfa Ross Yoke homemade, English translation

This Stirling engine is also rated as an Alpha model, but with a crankshaft called "Ross Yoke".


- It is possible to build an extremely compact engine;
- The connecting rods practically non inclined to avoid side loading of the pistons about the cylinders;
- The pistons remain less stopped time at the end of your course and runs throughout your displacement with the same speed;

Disadvantage: it is an extremely complicated engine to make a balance, because of the varied movement of the crankshaft.

For a reason still unknown, this engine also features a performance below expectations. There are some possibilities for this result:
- Any type of resonance in the working fluid flow (air) between the two cylinders, because the two 90 degree bends;
- A possible problem related to thermodynamic where the aluminum plate, of the hot cylinder, it is causing a short thermal, preventing higher performance;
- Another possibility is the higher compression, if occurring heat insufficiency within the hot cylinder, compression is not beneficial to the project. If proven that excess compression, you should increase the dead area, or install a regenerator, which besides increasing the dead area, will increase the heat disposal inside the engine, but on the other hand, worried about the effect on the explained matter "3". It is also possible to reduce the compression, reducing the course of each piston, which currently are 28 mm and 14.5 mm piston diameter.

3 - odd Another factor that is occurring in this engine, when compared with other alpha-model engines, as warmer tube which connects the two cylinders, the greater is performance, but this motor was reversed. I have no concrete explanation for this effect, but I'm afraid it's the hot cylinder aluminum carrier plate yet, it should be cooling the working fluid (air), before entering the copper pipe. Already I warmed this aluminum plate, but even so, there were no improvements.

4 - with the compression reduction, I'm sure I'll have more speed, but that's not the way I choose, this engine has some other problem, which I have to find out. For this, first I have to make a new traditional crankshaft, and see what will these new results using this traditional crankshaft, without changing the position and pipes of this current project. Based on the old Alpha project, he would have to present at least 1600 rpm in free spins if it does not, the problem may be in the internal aerodynamics, or the aluminum plates from the hot cylinder.
Why ??? Why the two engines will have virtually the same courses and diameters, and may not display significant differences in performance.

I appreciate everyone's attention.
Leandro Wagner.

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