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How it works a Stirling engine Alfa and regenerating?

This video is the explanation of the workings of a Stirling engine Alfa and presenting in practice, the main advantage of a regenerator.

The alpha motor has a different function in relation to the model Gamma, in spite of the great similarity between the two models. The main feature that differentiates the Alpha and Gamma engine, is described on that page:

The Alfa engine, the cold piston only is responsible for compression and decompression system, and the hot piston is responsible in producing the engine work.

As can be seen in the initial instants of the video, the cold piston is compressing the working fluid into the hot interior chamber, the air would in this case then, the working fluid expands into the hot cylinder by pressing motion of hot piston.

Thereupon, the cold piston sucks the working fluid from the hot cylinder, occurring the reduction of air volume, sucking the hot piston, then repeats the cycle once again.

In this engine design, it was necessary that dead area unoccupied space, to reduce the effect of compression, this compression would be beneficial, since the hot glass cylinder, to allow increased heat transfer to into the cylinder, as glass is a poor conductor of heat, it was necessary to design this dead area.

how it works a regenerator? The regenerator absorbs some of the heat that would be rejected by the engine and reheat the cold air to enter inside the hot cylinder, providing greater heat available in the hot cylinder. A regenerator, has a very parcido functioning as a battery, but it is a heat accumulator.



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