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The translation of this text into English, of the Stirling Engine Alpha Ross Yoke

I am presenting this video with movement of the articulation Ross Yoke, which represents the beginning of the construction of my new motor.

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This articulation requires great care in its construction, mainly in the correct position of all holes and no inclination. If you do not have proper care, there is a huge friction in the joints of the whole set.

In my case, there was the vertical movement of 1 mm at the edge where two guides are fixed on the motor base. Being necessary install a small shim (a sheet of newspaper) between the rotating shaft (piece golden in color) and bearing the "T", resolving the lockups the main shaft.

Another problem on the test bench, we had a stalling, running through the guide and the "T" because the axis of 2 mm stainless steel, was in direct contact with the aluminum bars, where it produced a black aluminum impurity locking the movement of the joint. To resolve this problem, I installed a bushing of electric engine DVD on each tab, you can follow some process images with this link: 

Also occurred a very high level of vibration of the crankshaft, in the test bench. Therefore, it was necessary to install a counterweight in a half moon shape on the opposite side where the "T" is fixed, this image may also be conferred on blog.

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Any questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact!
Leandro Wagner.

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