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The text translation into English, of the engine reached 1600 rpm

This engine surprised me with the new results, I really did not expect this significant improvement of 50% compared with the engines I had built.

Manua do motor Stirling, modelo gama caseiro feito em latas de cerveja

It is also an engine to simplicity prevailsbeing its entire structure in cans, with the goal of improving efficiency in its category.

At first, I used a oven made ​​in can of beer, reduce the courses of the two pistons and replace the plastic hose by knee PVC, which facilitates the flow of air between the two cylinders and used for the cooling system of a pot plastic of the butter. In this test, the engine reached 1220 RPM peak and kept at constant speed 1000 RPM.

Due to the small space inside the oven, we had a problem of overheating of the torch, which expelled by the wick fuel, starting a small fire early in the courtyard of my house, where almost caused the total destruction of the engine.

So I decided to make new changes in the project, I returned to use the oven with tin peach, to avoid accidents, and replace the pot of butter, a can of peaches, to strengthen the structure of the engine.

In this second test, I was surprised with the new results in peaks exceeded 1600 RPM and remained in 1340 RPM.
Another interesting finding was the first engine built all in cans, with the capacity to power up to 30 LEDs, ie, with a maximum capacity of 0.33 Watts in electricity.

I also changed the inner cover of the power piston, substituting a bottle cap Pet (30 mm diameter).

What were the major changes?? 

- The first improvement occurred with the replacement oven; 
- The course of the displacer piston was lowered by 10 mm, which reduced the consumption of mechanical energy by the movement of the piston comes and goes;
- Was also slightly reduced the piston stroke of work; 
- And the substitution of plastic hoses for a knee PVC, thus facilitating air flow between the two chambers. 

All measures of courses, dimensions of the new components and the list of equipment materials, and photographs are available on this page below: 

Check the list of materials, from other models Stirling engines:

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   Manual do motor Stirling, Alfa, 1500 rpm caseiro
Confira a lista deste modelo>>>

Check the list of materials of a Stirling engine Alfa improved, made ​​with glass syringes!

Any questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact!
Leandro Wagner.

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