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Essential to have low friction and effective seal for Stirling engine speed.

Many people ask me, "Why is my engine does not have the same income as the engine of the Stirling Engine Manual?". The answer is in this video!

In general, when a person starts to build his first engine, promptly has a concern with the ideas steps to manufacture a good engine, but do not give due importance to friction or even the seal, which sometimes limits the performance the engine or even not it works.

If the crankshaft, with the displacer piston, are virtually frictionless and a good seal, is already guaranteed a good running engine, regardless of the course of action that the engine has.

Now follows some guidelines that I recommend:

- Assembling the motor, a test must be made of friction within the hot displacer piston cylinder, the displacer piston to move or rotate within this piston of the second aluminum can, the weight of the tin must be sufficient for the can remain standing in place without the need to hold it there.
- By turning the shaft (crankshaft) without flywheel, as seen at time "2:02" video above, the axis will show the movement back and forth before you stop completely. If not, the crankshaft may be bent (crooked) or bearings (coins) with hole is very fair;
- Again must repeat the test above, but this time with the displacer piston CONNECTED to the crankshaft and the power piston to the crankshaft UNPLUGGED, for verification of friction, as in the instant "1:29", where even with displacer piston to the crankshaft CONNECTED , the axis must present the motion comes and goes before you stop completely.
- This engine model, the seal is not the most critical point so that the motor has a simple operation, however, if the goal is to have a motor with a relatively good performance, the seal effect of engine is practically perfect, as seen in the moment "2:20 ".
The main point of air leakage, deformation occurs in the hole head first, in this case, one must have great care to pierce the head, so you do not have excessive play of the displacer piston rod. Also extreme care when fitting the head with the piston on the hot cylinder, so the hole head will not be damaged, preventing possible air leakage.
Another possible location with air leakage is in the assembly of the balloon with the covers and on the cold cylinder.

I appreciate everyone's attention.
Leandro Wagner.

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